Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle School
Religious Education

Our Middle School program is for those in grades 6-8. To make it easier for families with children of various ages, we will meet at the same time as our Family Faith Program.

  • We will meet one Sunday of each month (always the 1st Sunday of the month except for September) from 3:30-6pm (We will attend 5pm Sunday Mass together.)
  • Class Meeting Dates for 2023-2024:
    • September 10
    • October 1
    • November 5
    • December 3
    • January 7
    • February 4
    • March 3
    • April 7

Our Middle School program strives to share the beauty of our Catholic Faith and how and why it is important in their lives today.  We highly encourage involvement in our Middle School program before registering for the Confirmation program in High School.

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Lion of Judah
Middle School
Youth Ministry

We are excited to continue to offer Youth Ministry Events to our calendar.  In partnership with local Catholic Churches, we are inviting all 6th-8th graders to our new “Lion of Judah” Middle School Ministry.    

2023-2024 Tentative Lion of Judah Dates:
October 20
December 1
February 9
March 1
May 3

More information about Lion of Judah
events will be discussed at our regular
Middle School nights!