Weekend of March 28/29

What a week! How much has changed so quickly. The impact of COVID-19 continues to be on everyone’s mind as our country and the world struggles with its impact on every aspect of our lives. Here at the parish we have been adjusting as well. Our staff met this past Friday and it was an encouraging meeting as we discussed how best to meet the challenges of this new reality. Our goal is to be as present as we can to you, the parish community. We have begun with the addition of livestream Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, talks, and phone calls to our parishioners, especially to those living alone. It is times like these when we need to support another and in which we especially need the support of our faith!


There were some new and unique experiences as well for myself and Fr. Jim, like the car-line confessions we began last weekend. It was a great turnout and certainly encouraging to see how appreciative you were of the gift of that beautiful sacrament of God’s mercy. Live-streaming the Masses was also a new experience and we are starting to get the hang of it. It has been a real blessing to see how parishioners have interacted, in the sharing of thoughts and prayer intentions through the internet. Yes, it is certainly strange and new but God’s grace and presence remains as real as ever. He continues to reach out to us and be with us in the midst of the anxiety and uncertainty we may be experiencing. I continue to believe strongly that He will bring much good out of the challenges of these times in our churches, in our homes, and in our hearts. May we continue to persevere with confidence in His love and care for us.

May God continue to bless us and protect us and may Mary, our beautiful Mother intercede for us!

Peace and Good,

Fr. Eric