We are very happy that you want Jesus 
to be part of your marriage — and therefore your wedding ceremony!

The Sacrament of Christian Marriage is a great communal celebration which takes place within the Catholic Church and is witnessed by God, family, and friends. A wedding is a day … a marriage is a lifetime.  It’s a beautiful thing to start it off with God at its center and with the support of loved ones gathered around you.

The Church encourages couples to invest time and energy into the all-important work of preparing for their married life together and seeking God’s Presence and blessing throughout the journey. (See the bottom of this page for awesome resources!)


The Marriage preparation process should begin at least six months prior to the wedding date. You should not arrange for the reception, etc., until the date is confirmed with the church. Since marriage is an extremely important event joining two people’s lives together in the eyes of the State, and is a Sacrament of the Church, there are of course protocols to follow, forms to fill out, etc. But we have tried to organize everything you’ll need to do here and make the steps easy to follow! 

Step 1:  Contact Parish Office
Step 2:  Meet with Clergy
Step 3:  Complete Witness to love Program (WTL) 
Step 4:  Meet in person or via zoom with Music Director.
Step 5:  Pick out Marriage Ceremony Scripture Readings.

Your First step is to contact the Parish Office. Do this by simply filling out the Preliminary Wedding Information Sheet (You can fill it out on your computer or please print clearly if doing by hand) and emailing it to our Parish Secretary Lisa at or drop it off at the office to start the marriage process. This form must be accompanied by a letter signed by both of you to our pastor, Fr. Eric Scanlan, giving compelling reasons why you would like to have a Catholic wedding and why you would like to marry at Incarnation Catholic Church. After receiving these, the office will contact you to begin the process of planning everything!

"There is no greater force against evil in the world than the love of a man and woman in marriage.
After the Holy Eucharist, it has a power beyond anything that we can imagine."

Forms You Will Need

The ones you can download can all be found linked at the bottom of the page in the chart under “Forms.” 

Baptismal Certificate: A recently issued (within the last six months) copy of one’s Baptismal Certificate with Sacramental Notations
is required for each Catholic party. Baptized non-Catholics are asked to obtain a letter with the date, church, and place of their Baptism. 

Certificate of Completion from the Witness to Love ministry.

Completed forms required by the Diocese of Venice

Marriage License issued by the State.

Wedding Reservation Agreement for finalizing date and details with Incarnation Catholic Church.

Before proceeding

* If either party was previously married, a Church decree of nullity must be attained and available to the priest. This decree is required of the Catholic and non-Catholic parties irrespective of how or where they were married. No date for the marriage can be set without this document.

* Likewise, if a former spouse is deceased, a death certificate of that spouse is required.

Planning the Wedding

Wedding ring

“The path of holiness lived together as a couple is possible, beautiful, extraordinarily fruitful, and fundamental for the good of the family, the Church, and society.” 
                                                                      ~ Pope St. John Paul II

Liturgical Music at Church Weddings

As soon as you secure your date, please contact Erin Flynn to set up a time, whether in person or via zoom, to plan music for your wedding. She will help you complete your wedding music selections, retain a cantor, and confirm any other instrumentalists if you choose to add them.

Music Selections
Only Liturgical music is allowed to be played or sung at a wedding. No other form of music is permitted (modern, Broadway, movie themes, etc). Many options of classical pieces and hymns will be discussed with our Music Director, who is here to assist you and help make your wedding a beautiful ceremony!

The music that is shared in the Sacrament of Christian Marriage expresses not just the love of the couple for each other but, just as important, the love of God for them and for all His people. Since you have chosen to be married in the Catholic Church, appropriate music for this spiritual celebration must be chosen thoughtfully and in accordance with the beautiful teaching of the Church on Sacred Music in the Liturgy. Our Music Director will guide you through all of this to plan your special day!

See the chart below for frequently asked questions concerning music, and when you meet with Lori, she will answer any other questions you have.

Marriage Ceremony Scripture Readings (You will be given a book to look through and select these when you meet with the Deacon) Once you have selected your readings, go HERE to fill out the online form with the details of your ceremony. You can submit it directly to your facilitator’s email address. We do recommend registering with Together For Life, just so you can save the form and come back to finish or edit it, but it isn’t necessary.  

If you have a wedding coordinator who will be at the church ceremony, you must speak with our Wedding Sacristan.

We pray for many blessings on you both as you prepare for this amazing Sacrament of Matrimony!

“O God, who in creating the human race willed that man and wife should be one,
join, we pray, in a bond of inseparable love,
these your servants who are to be united in the covenant of Marriage,
so that, as you make their love fruitful,
they may become, by your grace, witnesses to charity itself.”

~ Opening Prayer from Nuptial Mass