Meet the Clergy

Once our Pastor approves your request for marriage, he will assign a Priest or Deacon to begin your marriage preparation process. You will be contacted via email to schedule an appointment to meet with him.  There will be two meetings with the clergyman.  At that first meeting you will fill out a Pre-Marital Inventory questionnaire(PMI) and at the second meeting you will go over the PMI results.

Sample PMI Statements or Questions

1. We understand that when we exchange Vows, we are entering into a lifelong covenant
2. We are working on and have a workable House hold budget
3. How do I get along with my future In-Laws
4. Am I in a lot of Debt
5. Our Catholic faith is equally important to both of us
6. Our marriage will enrich our lives and the lives of others

In addition:
You will be instructed how to choose a Mentor Couple to work with you in the Witness to Love Program (WTL) marriage preparation process.